Quality services, in the heart of Romania, where tradition and natural beauty find their true home. We welcome you, either for lodging at European standards, or for relaxing in our new spa center. Our offers are very hard to refuse and with so many activities around you, you will simply wish to stay a while longer, in beautiful Bucovina!

In historic Bucovina, we are ready to offer our guest an unforgettable vacation, in this area of raw, natural beauty. Our guest can choose from the multitude of activities in the area, be it hiking, sports, visiting historical sites and churches, or simply choose to relax. Aqua Alpin offers you the peace and quiet you deserve, in a world that is so hectic these days.

A lot of our foreign tourists tell us that they have never seen so much beauty in a single place, as if God Himself has made these parts, and that people raised churches in His honor, to live in a land that simply speaks of fairytales. We bow our heads in quiet satisfaction and pride, because they are obviously talking of our home, with its traditions and history. You are visiting a truly unique corner of Romania! 

The Aqua Alpin Turistic  Resort offers lodging in 13 rooms (4 singles and 9 apartments), as well as a complete spa experience. If you choose to stay for just a couple of nights and use us as a base of operations to visit the region, or just to relax in the spa or eat at our traditional restaurant, Aqua Alpin is for you!

Complex Turistic AQUA ALPIN
Sandru Street, no.12, Câmpulung Moldovenesc 725100, Suceava County

Tel: 0740 770 000 / 0744 359 070

Email: office@aquaalpin.ro